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Prismaflex has a range of signage hardware solutions that result in really easy and fast flighting of signs and billboards

Rigiflex Framing Solutions… tried and tested for total reliability

Quick and easy posting

  • Thanks to the exclusive Rigiflex zip system, fixing a flexible face to a frame takes only a few minutes.
  • Replacing the face from the front is just as quick and easy.

Dry posting

  • Tensioning of the flexible face is automatic as it is zipped into the frame for eye-catching results and optimised use.
  • No more glue, no more paper.

Compact, lightweight and easy to assemble

  • Adjustable profiles designed for easy installation whatever the size of your sign.
  • Reduced shipping costs thanks to the adjustable profiles and modular Rigiflex signs.
  • Various formats available.


Prismaflex's proprietary Rigiflex system is one of the fastest flighting systems available, enabling quick, easy and reliable flighting of medium to large size faces into the frame in a matter of minutes.

  • Quickly posting a face to a billboard or frame results in reduced flighting costs.
  • Rigiflex is a tried and tested system having been around and proven itself over many years.
  • Perfect for both front lit and backlit signs and faces
  • Criss - Medium Duty
  • Crip - Heavy Duty

Rigiflex Fast Flighting System


Rigiflex 2 is a versatile lower profile framing system that enables for the easy fixation of frames to walls and other items, whilst still enjoying the benefit of  fast flighting of faces.

  • Suitable for small, medium and large signs signs and faces.
  • Rigiflex 2 ensures faces are and remain well tensioned at all times.
  • Ability to utilise Rigiflex 2 for both front lit and backlit signs and faces

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