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Prints and faces for Indoor and Outdoor, ideal for formats between 6 m² and 12 m²


Our Z frame is a wall or free-standing unit fitted with hook and loop strips to receive a printed Graph’it® skin for quick, simple and eco-friendly communication!

  • Quick and easy posting thanks to our innovative Graph’it® substrate (hook and loop system).
  • Our exclusive eco-friendly Graph’it® material is made of recycled materials, is lightweight, crease-free and tear-proof.
  • The lightweight and adaptable structure offers several format possibilities.
  • Excellent value for money.


A backlit face-tensioning frame for bright POP communication. Framed or free-standing, single or double-sided, our MX lightbox is available in three styles:

  • The standard MX Lightbox.
  • The MX Slim, for even brighter lighting.
  • The MX Extra-Slim, the slimmest of all Lightboxes.
  • First class communication: full face, homogenous backlighting, carefully designed box depth, top quality printing.
  • Quick and easy face-tensioning: the sown on plastic surround simply slides into the frame. Ideal for frequent campaign turnarounds.
  • Low power consumption thanks to the LED backlighting system.

These lightboxes are specifically designed for their flexibility and ease of use and enable you to adapt your communication to your environment and the style of your displays.


The indoor face-tensioning frame for quality communication! A single or double-sided unlit frame. It can be either fitted to a wall or free-standing and is ideal for check-out areas and effective information displays.

  • First class communication: full face posting coupled with sublimation printing technology.
  • Quick and easy posting: a plastic surround sewn onto the face simply slides into the frame (easy to use release grip to remove faces).


Our rotating backlit cube takes your communication to new heights. The suspended structure is backlit and motorised, has 4 or 5 full face visuals taking your communication into a new dimension.

  • Enhanced visibility of your communication: visible from a distance, the MX Cube is ideal for displaying shopper information.
  • Simple and lightweight for ease of use.

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