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New, better, brighter, lighter, simpler, and the best news... more cost effective!


Prismaflex's well renowned Prismatronic LED screens have just been redeveloped and re-launched as Prismatronic BBM2, upping the game in LED quality, performance, control and maintenance.

Prismaflex's Billboard Monitoring System has been redesigned, reinvented and re-launched as a simpler easier to use BBM2 LED control system together with a matching new, better, thinner, lighter, simpler, fibre optic connected module with the following benefits:

  • BBM2 has a simpler, easier to use management interface
  • Modules are thinner and lighter
  • New module size that enables the ability to build an exact 3m x 6m billboard
  • Lower power usage
  • Better IP resistance
  • Modules connect using dual fibre optic cables that carry signals faster, don't rust and have redundancy in the event of signal loss in one cable
  • Early warning system by sending notifications about screen, modules, power, control, cabling, etc. events and problems
  • Complete remote reporting, right down to pixel level
  • Monitored both locally and via Prismaflex's 24 hour monitoring and control centre in France
  • World leading Prismatronic modules imported and screens now assembled in South Africa for a faster, better and more cost effective solution
  • Local backup and global support via our centres of excellence in France, China and USA

P8 Modules have already been launched with P6 and P4 modules coming soon.

BBM2 Modules in testing


Prismaflex built on the knowledge and expertise of its existing modules to produce a cutting edge new BBM2 module. The module continues to be manufactured on Prismatronic's fully automated production line which has been rolling out superior modules for the last few years.

The BBM2 module has been completely redesigned to be thinner, lighter and simpler, with independent and separate power box and receiving cards for easier maintenance and less complication. The result is a lower heat, low power, higher quality, easier to use LED module which remains robust and long lasting.

BBM2 Module (shown without waterproofing sealer)


Prismaflex South Africa has produced a local version of the renowned Prismaflex International modular framing system.  The frame is fully produced, constructed and assembled in South Africa.  The result is that only the new BBM2 module needs to be imported, whilst the balance of the screen and components are locally produced and assembled.  The result is less freight, lower import duties, faster turnaround times, lighter screens, faster installations and improved maintenance and support.

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