Prismaflex South Africa


More than 30 years of expertise building signs and frames for professionals of the advertising world and municipal authorities


Our complete design and production process is our competitive advantage and having a global vision and full control of all areas of production and printing means the consistency and quality of our products is assured.

Prismaflex International's manufacturing and print resources, put the Group in a strong position to satisfy client requirements by:

  • Creating specific & innovative frames, structures & signage solutions
  • Manufacturing complete product lines: tri-visions, scrolling, bus shelters, display columns, city lights, billboards, structures, signs, frames...
  • Grand format printing of a wide range of products including monumental displays, extra big items, billboard faces, signage, mall and retail branding, truck and fleet branding, floor graphics, branded items, etc...

Prismaflex International has been manufacturing and supplying professionals of the advertising world for more than 30 years.

The Group designs and manufactures all outdoor advertising and street furniture product lines thanks to its high performance manufacturing resources with constantly upgraded machines and means, and more importantly, its loyal employees, all skilled in their specific fields:

  •  mechanics
  •  engineering and development
  •  electricity
  •  electronics
  •  after-sales
  •  etc.


In addition to product development, manufacturing, and printing, Prismaflex provides a full range of services including assessment of appropriate solutions and project management of a wide variety of signage, framing, cladding and aesthetic items including the most appropriate print solutions. Prismaflex also offers after sales support and services for all the products it delivers. For 30 years now, we have been manufacturing, printing, delivering and maintaining our products the world over. Their robustness and long working life, whatever the environment, have helped build a reputation for excellence.

Forever attentive to what our clients have to say, Prismaflex continually comes up with new designs and products while improving their use, energy consumption and impact on the environment.


Prismaflex has the experience and ability to work with you on large projects, including projects with many signs, multiple locations and interesting places. We have worked on a vast variety of projects ranging from one to many stadiums, train stations, airports, shopping malls, buildings, bridges, vehicles, etc. Should you require assistance with the assesment and project management of large projects, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


  • Building frames and mounts
  • Giant signs
  • Static Billboards: Freestanding and wall mountable structures
  • Fast flighting solutions: Rigiflex 1 and Rigiflex 2
  • LED Screens and frames
  • Cladding and aesthetic items
  • Clip frames
  • H-Frames
  • Z-Bar
  • Banner poles and mounts
  • Street furniture
  • Lighting systems
  • Etc.


  • 1988 : Creation of Prismaflex
  • 1991 : 1st wide format digital printer
  • 1992 : Print subsidiaries in the UK and Spain
  • 1994 : 1st 300 dpi electrostatic machine
  • 1999 : Creation of Canadian subsidiary
  • 2000 : Creation of Swedish subsidiary following the acquisition of Prisma, production of the Trivision product range
  • 2000 : Creation of South African Subsidiary to provide the global range of signage solutions to the entire Southern African Region
  • 2001 :1st  300 dpi wide format digital machine
  • 2006 : Creation of the Street Furniture production unit
  • 2010 : Creation of German subsidiary (following acquisition of Distec), expansion of production capacity
  • 2011 : Creation of the Blue Tech autonomous sign range
  • 2014 : Subsidiary in Russia
  • 2015 : 50th wide format digital printer acquired by Prismaflex International!
  • 2017 : Opening of the Trucking Division in South African subsidiary
  • 2018 : Acquisition of our US plant Anthem Displays and opening of our automated production plant Prismatronic China

Full Range of Print Solutions for all your Sign, Frame and Branding Requirements

Over and above the wide variety of physical sign and frame hardware items, Prismaflex also provides a full range of print solutions for these and other signs and frames. For more information, see our Printing and Finishing Services pages...


With a production of over 10,000 m² of Hardware, Prismaflex manufactures and markets a full range of products to satisfy all the OOH advertising market’s requirements:

  • Prismatronic LED displays
  • Scrolling signs
  • Trivision
  • Light boxes
  • Static signs: paper posting – Walk In Box – SLIM 4 m²
  • LT Kit – Cristal Kit



Driven by a strong focus on innovation and a good understanding of the markets, Prismaflex International was in a position to anticipate and succeed the transition from traditional to digital communication.

Our range of Prismatronic LED displays corresponds to OOH advertising market requirements the world over.

Owning its own LED module production lines, Prismaflex designs, manufactures and integrates its LED screens into its own structures.

Over 1,000 references! Top-level quality and service offering! All resolutions and brightnesses.


Being in an extremely competitive position in terms of traditional advertising solutions and street furniture, the Group capitalises on its expertise to continually propose an even broader, more attractive and today more digital product range to satisfy the ever increasing requirements of towns and cities



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